Baby Moccasin Making Component Kit

  • $37.00

The kit includes:

  • 6" x 6" cork sheet (1/8" thickness)
  • 6" x 6" outsole rubber sheet (2mm thickness)
  • 2 needles
  • Waxed Threads in 2 colors of your choice: Each color approx 280” (enough to make a pair). 
  • Hole Punches: 1/16" (Osborn #00)  and a 3/16" (Osborn #6) punch.
  • Eraseable pen x 1
  • Leather is NOT included.

For leathers, we recommend getting pre-cut to a square foot, or letter sizes, from Tannery NYC. (

Cowhides, pebbled or smooth, will work well for baby moccasins.

If you like to have lining in the shoes, you can use Pig Suedes, or Veg Tan thin leathers that are thinner, and laminate  (and stitch if you wish) the leathers to use.


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