Air Max Inspired LORIMER sneaker Lasts unisex

  • $100.00

Women's US sizing for the Air Max label.

LORIMER lasts have a EU looking sizing but it is not an EU sizing.  For this batch only. Correcting with factory. As of June 1, 2023.

Please view chart below.

  • size 35 is 23.5cm from toe to heel. (US mens 5.5)
  • size 36 is 24.2cm from toe to heel.  (US men’s 6.5)
  • size 37 is 24.8cm from toe to heel. (US men’s 7.25-7.5)
  • size 38 is 25.5cm from toe to heel. (US men’s 8, 8.5)
  • size 39 is 26.2cm from toe to heel. (US men’s 9)
  • size 40 is US men’s 9.5
  • size 41 is US men’s 10.5
  • size 42 is US men’s 11
  • size 43 is US men’s 12
  • size 44 is US men’s 13

Narrower toes than the Air Jordans. Less voluminous than the Morgan lasts.

Works with Air Max and Roshe inspired soles as well as Fenix, Overcoat, USA & Newport cupsoles. Size up for Andro (runs 1 size small) and size down for Davinci (runs 1 size large). 

May be lightly used from class.  

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